Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bizarre Creature Washes Up On N.Y. Shore

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Rare Prehistoric Shark Found in Japan

Fish From Hell! The Worlds Strangest and Bizarre Sea Creatures!

most Amazing and Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures

MEGALADON PREHISTORIC SHARK - but does it still exist

Sea Monsters

The Mystery of the Delphi Oracle

Indo-European mummy in the Altai

Tech weak scare Mummies

Monday, 27 June 2011

Real mummy in Louvre museum / Vraie momie au Louvre

Mummies Revealed

The oldest mummies in the world are found in Chile South America not Egypt

Mummified Monkeys and a 6,420-year-old Kid


Gator eats Turtle

Un Python qui a vu plus grand que son ventre

Un serpent géant à Pont-Saint-Martin!

serpent attack ratsnake attack

Scary Killer Snakes, World Biggest Snake Ever!

Biggest Snakes in the whole World

Crabman Catches Hawaii's Largest Crabs

The megalodon-World's Biggest Shark

World's Biggest Animal

real ghost sounds

Largest Anaconda

Biggest Snake of the World for Sale, 25 000 €

Best '08! Anaconda Hunts

Tiger kills Crocodile.

Buffalo vs entire lion pride

snake swallowed a hippo

Combat Rats In Action

Rat Fight

Clever Monkeys

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